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Homantin | Victoria Kindergarten, Hong Kong Pre-School in Kowloon
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Welcome to Victoria (Homantin) International Nursery, a world-class school with an international vision! Our Kowloon campus has state-of-the-art facilities designed to cultivate young and curious learners.

Homantin Campus offers trilingual and bilingual programmes for children aged 2-6 years old; our classes are in alignment with the IB Primary Years Programme and the Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. We believe in providing future generations with a top-tier, balanced and holistic educational experience.


Brain Development Educating children from ages 2-6
The importance of early childhood education is generally agreed upon and encouraged worldwide. Researchers have learned that the human brain develops the vast majority of its neurons, and is at its most receptive to learning, between birth and three years of age. As a result, we believe in providing students with a wide variety of opportunities to learn from the young age of 2, right up to 6, when they are ready to enter primary school.
Unique Trilingual Classes Offering both bilingual and trilingual classes
Our Nursery offers classes with the aim of strengthening children's biliteracy and trilingual abilities. Through an inquiry based approach, we prepare our students to be adaptable in a multicultural society. In today’s ever changing world it is increasingly important to be able to converse in multiple languages in order to develop cultural competence as a global citizen. Our unique multilingual environment provides students with the opportunity to learn to effectively communicate in three languages spoken widely in the world today; English, Cantonese, and Putonghua.
Innovative Design State-of-the-art facilities to promote teaching and learning
Our newly renovated campus was designed to facilitate effective teaching and learning. Our brightly lit classrooms incorporate a neutral colour scheme in order to bring the natural colours of the world into our daily lives. From large windows to tree house reading areas, each classroom has a unique design which caters to the needs of young learners. At Victoria (Homantin) International Nursery, we aim to provide our students with an environment that fosters a keen love of learning and a desire to further their skills and knowledge.
Columbia University Partnership Top experts improving children’s reading and writing
Homantin campus has been a project and partner school of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project of Columbia University since 2016. This is an inquiry based programme that immerses children into the world of literacy, allowing them to develop their abilities, confidence, and stamina as readers and writers. The workshops for students are conducted collaboratively by the class teachers who help the students encounter literacy and language through different genres and styles. The project has proven to be extremely successful amongst the students, who have demonstrated high levels of focus, enthusiasm, and commitment to learning. 
Community Integration Enriching the experience of the students
Victoria (Homantin) International Nursery was our first campus to be established in Kowloon. It is located in Homantin, and is surrounded by a wealth of public facilities. From the Public Library to multiple sports grounds, our students can make use of these facilities to enhance and stimulate their learning. We believe that it is vital for young children to live balanced lifestyles in order for them to mature into well-rounded individuals. The facilities in our area allow for parents as well our as our school community to support their children in participating in a variety of extra-curricular activities that cater to their interests. These include field trips to local museums, post offices, and other public facilities.
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Homantin | Victoria Kindergarten, Hong Kong Pre-School in Kowloon
Homantin | Victoria Kindergarten, Hong Kong Pre-School in Kowloon
Homantin | Victoria Kindergarten, Hong Kong Pre-School in Kowloon
Homantin | Victoria Kindergarten, Hong Kong Pre-School in Kowloon
Homantin | Victoria Kindergarten, Hong Kong Pre-School in Kowloon
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Homantin Campus 1/F, Carmel-on-the-Hill, 9 Carmel Village Street, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon
TEL: 2762 9130
FAX:2762 9120
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