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Enriching Campus Activities

Enriching Campus Activities

Victoria believes that the mix of play and academic learning through an inquiry based curriculum, implemented through a hands on approach, will lay the foundations for students' continued education. 

We also believe that continuous learning for children at an early age is important. Our enriching campus activities are designed to enhance children's social and emotional growth, and to give them the opportunity to explore their talents, discover their passions, and develop interests in other aspects of learning.

The many and varied activities on offer allow for the development of attributes such as team-work, collaboration, sharing, and competition as well as musical, artistic and athletic skills. Everything fits together to make a great education. 

Some of the many activities on offer are:
Road Safety Patrol
Road Safety Patrol
The Road Safety Patrol is co-organised by the Hong Kong Road Safety Association and the Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol. The aim is to educate children about road safety so that they will have the right attitude and basic knowledge of how to use the road. Members can promote road safety knowledge to their peers and family.

Our School Road Safety Patrol has regular weekly gatherings. The activities include practising drill routines, a road safety knowledge course, road safety badge assessment, drilling competition and a talent show.
Grasshopper Scouts
Grasshopper Scouts is organised by The Scout Association of Hong Kong for children from 5 to 8 years old. This programme does not involve any assessment, and mainly focuses on games so that children can enjoy their learning. The activities include handicrafts, singing, stories and outings to encourage members to join and actively engage in Grasshopper Scouts. In addition, children will learn more about the history of Mr. Baden-Powell and the meaning of helping others.

If members participate actively in the meetings and activities of Grasshopper Scouts, they will receive a Progressive Badge to acknowledge their participation.
Happy Bee
Happy Bee
As a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association provides challenging and unique activities for its members. All K3 students can enrol in the "Happy Bee" programme. There are eight units in each academic year revolving around happiness, health, doing their best, helping others, resilience, being considerate, and being an environmental ambassador and good citizen. Students enjoy these units through group games, stories, handicrafts and outings. Meetings are held once a week, and once an individual activity is completed, members receive a certificate signed by their leader. Relevant stickers will be placed on the certificate and will serve as an encouragement.  
HG Uniform Groups: Happy Bee,  Grasshopper Scouts.
Enrichment Activities: Football, Primary One Transition Programme, Japanese Taiko Druming, Fencing, Chinese Painting, Kung Fu, Children’s Choir Group, Lion Dance, Melodica
HMT Uniform Group: Grasshopper Scouts. Enrichment Activities: Football, Primary One Transition Programme, Skipping, Chinese Painting, Chinese Chess, Lion Dance, Modern Dance, Ukulele, Etiquette Class, Drama, Children’s Choir Group
LK Uniform Groups: Happy Bee, Grasshopper Scouts, Road Safety Patrol.
Enrichment Activities: Football, Primary One Transition Programme, Little Bean Choir, Drum (K3WD), Chinese Chess (K3WD), Chinese painting (K3WD)
MK Uniform Groups: Happy Bee, Grasshopper Scouts.
Enrichment Activities: Football, Primary One Transition Programme, Little Bean Choir
BV Uniform Groups: Happy Bee, Grasshopper Scouts.
Enrichment Activities: Primary One Transition Programme, Fencing, Ukulele, Ink and Wash Chinese Painting, Lion Dance, STEM, Children’s Choir Group
HH Uniform Group: Grasshopper Scouts. Enrichment Activities: Primary One Transition Programme, Drumming, Choral Speaking, Hand Chimes, Little Bean Choir, Ukulele, Melodica, Dancing, Gymnastics
SH Uniform Groups: Happy Bee, Scouts, Road Safety Patrol.
Enrichment Activities: Primary One Transition Programme, Football, Chinese Painting, Lion Dance, Chinese Chess, Ukulele, Creative Kid (Art)

*Available for Victoria Upper Class (K3) students only.
The main language of communication is Cantonese.